Sunday, August 20, 2006

What Matters Most in a Relationship ?

If I should ask you what matters to you most in considering or checking out someone you might be interested in dating and/or having a relationships with, what would you say ? If you are honest with yourself you'd probably say "well a nice smile would be nice" or "my boyfriend cannot be short" "he must have a great body or nice legs" or whatever, for most girls it might also be "well he must definitely have a nice car and have his own place" - To be sure physical or "material" things do matter in a relationship, ofcourse for some more than others. However, the above answers would imply that if all our material critieria would be met that would be a match made in heaven or more specifically, that would mean the relatiosnhip almost defintiely (or more than likely) would work or last - Or would it ? The weird thing is that for most relationships it is the "immaterial" (non-physical) things that make or more importantly break down a relationship. By immaterial things I mean : their self-esteem, their confidence, trust or trust-worthiness or their beliefs or habits etc. You know this from personal experience. So next time first get to know their immaterial qualities huh ? Here's to good relationship decisions . . . . cheers


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