Friday, August 18, 2006

So I want to know has anybody been watching or noticing this new (well sort of new) show on ShowTime called "Sexual Healing" ? If so I'd like to hear what you think about it- hit me up- do think it's useful at all to the couples involved ? Here's my take : I think the greatest help the show and Dr. Berman are to the couples is the fact that she forces them to communicate, not merely by the stating of feelings, wants, longings, frustrations, apologies etc. but actually deep revealing facts and secrets that we each carry within ourselves and hide from the world, and thus showing our partner what lies behind our behavior . . . On the other hand I think in an amazingly inadvertent way the show demonstrates that what we often project as a 'sexual problem' is everything but a sexual problem - as with the couples of this show it is about trust, fidelity, openess, forgiveness and all those other immaterial aspects of any healthy and successful relationship. Do you agree or disagree ? Let me know what you think.


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